resilience & wellbeing

If you knew that beneath the stressful and anxious thoughts that come with the intensity of life; there always remains a level of resilience and well-being … how would life be different?

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In full time practice and working with individuals, organisations, and communities since 2003, (and before this serving as a police officer for 23 years), I’m inspired by the inevitable personal growth, psychological resilience, and humanity which emerges when we dissolve our over-thinking.

Based in the UK (in Milton Keynes and London) phil6my sessions are pragmatic, enjoyable, integrative, individual, and forever evolving; enabling clients to rapidly recover their emotional health and well-being – impacting not only their individual effectiveness, but also their relationships with others.

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Phil Reed


“I really enjoyed working with you. I felt very safe and valued, it was a lovely experience! You created a space that felt very safe, nourishing and life enhancing. I don’t know who else you work with but they are very fortunate to have you!” Director of Training”


“We’re disturbed not by what happens to us, but by our thoughts about what happens.”
Greek Stoic Philosopher Epictetus.