transforming trauma, so that you can return to being you …

Sessions available at Harley Street, Central London and Internationally by telephone/skype.

In full time practice since 2003, working within the private, public, and charity sectors, and now some 8000+ client hours later, I love my work – continuing to be as creative and passionate as ever in supporting and enabling personal growth and healing. 

I work with various organisations in and around London; through my private practice from Harley Street, London UK; and internationally by telephone/skype.

phil6Formally 23 years a police officer, and with vast experience as a Master NLP Practitioner, Certified NLP Coach, Advanced EFT Practitioner & Certified Trainer, my work is both pragmatic and integrative; enabling my clients (over 90% of whom come to me through personal recommendation) to experience rapid, gentle, effective and profound healing from trauma (which I define as those unexpected or dramatic events for which they were ill prepared or left feeling isolated). They are then able to continue, free of sadness, fear, anxiety, and anger – with a fresh resilience for their future adventures.

I see my purpose in coaching as being very simple; to help you return to being you!

What if, beyond your trauma, and the stressful thoughts and self-analysis; there was an effortless and constant ease? And what if, through accessing this sense of ease (wisdom), the trauma was able to transform and dissolve, and you were able to renew and refresh your uniquely individual qualities, and your inate resilience to the ups and downs of life?

Coaching can help you ‘come home’ to living life as it’s meant to be.

“Phil’s gentle approach set me on a journey that is proving very profitable, both spiritually and financially.”
Creative Director of London Advertising Agency

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Phil Reed

“We are disturbed not by what happens to us, but by our thoughts about what happens.”
Greek Stoic Philosopher Epictetus.